PARIS:  Well, folks, we have an impromptu matchup next!   We didn’t know LaTasha Marzolla of “THE
” was wrestling tonight, but, SHE IS!      Her debut, is now!
NIKKI: I'm not impressed with her at all. Should we expect interference from “THE SLUTS”?
PARIS: Here she comes!!

LaTasha Marzolla comes out to the cheers of the fans as she shakes her tits at the males in the crowd.

LaTasha was driving the males wild with a honey brown Victoria Secret miracle bra and matching
skintight panties. She jogged up to the ring buckle and blew kisses to all of the men in the crowd. The
women booed and hissed her.

Joanie's music hit and she got a good ovation. Joanie chose a skin tight “AFW” t-shirt, and a yellow bikini
for the matchup, as the fans cheered for her very loudly!

NIKKI:   You can tell Joanie is on the rise again!    Listen to this crowd!
PARIS:   Why?   I don’t know.

The referee checked both women for foreign objects and then signaled the timekeeper to ring the bell.

Joanie put her hands up for LaTasha to challenge her to a test of strength.
LaTasha confidently looked at the crowd, and then back to Joanie, and smiled with an evil grin.  Instead,
Joanie took her by surprise, and charged at her, as she blasted her with a spear!

Joanie had LaTasha by the hair as she rocked her head up and down on the mat. Joanie pulled her back
up and lifted her high in the air above her head, and held her there for all of the fans to see.

NIKKI:  Such power!
PARIS:  Put her down!

She then dropped her back down across her outspread knee as LaTasha bounced off and convulsed
away from Joanie.

NIKKI:  Awesome power display!
PARIS:  She obviously still has something left.

Joanie posed for the fans as they gave her a good response.
Joanie returned to LaTasha, scooped her up off the mat, and slammed her back down with a powerful
Farooq dominator as the ring shook!!!!!

LaTasha bounced off the mat and had a look of agony spread across her pretty face as she was getting
shell shocked by the woman they once called “Chyna”.

Joanie then walked over and perched herself on the second turnbuckle. As LaTasha slowly spurred up,
Joanie landed a huge double axe handle across her back. LaTasha hit the mat like a bullet and Joanie
went for the cover.

ONE ......

TWO ......

TH .....

Weak kick out by LaTasha.

PARIS:  LaTasha looks like she is about out already. Joanie is bringing the pain!!
NIKKI:  I'm loving it!!!!

Joanie pulled LaTasha back up and shoved her head roughly between her legs. Her superior, anaconda
leg muscles, squeezed tight against LaTasha's head. Joanie then lifted her high in the air and brought
her sailing back to the mat with a big jackknife powerbomb move that she calls “

NIKKI:    LaTasha’s head crushed against the mat!   Brutal…..
PARIS:   I can’t believe this…….I thought LaTasha would do better…

LaTasha was seeing stars and Joanie was sensing it.
Joanie wasted no time, jumped down, and hooked LaTasha’s leg forcefully for the decisive finish!       




LaTasha kicked out as the breath was sucked out of the arena!

NIKKI:  Whoa!
PARIS:  HA!   Yes!    Come on LaTasha!

Joanie jumped up and looked out at the fans as she they just as shocked as she was.  Joanie then simply
shrugged her shoulders, and returned her attention to LaTasha, as she was veteran enough to realize
that she needed to maintain the offensive.

LaTasha took a few seconds to shake out the cobwebs and then attempted to attack Joanie. She raised
her arms up in the air for an axe handled chop, but Joanie blasted her in the ribs with an elbow.

Joanie shot in another elbow and then jumped to her feet. She landed three rights to LaTasha's head
and then whipped her into the ropes. As LaTasha came back, Joanie locked her in a sleeper hold. Joanie
had it on tight, as LaTasha waved her arms frantically in the middle of the ring.

NIKKI:  Joanie has totally dominated this match!   No offense at all from LaTasha!
PARIS:  I’m really shocked about that.

Joanie then slipped her arms back for a full nelson and held LaTasha there for a few seconds. After
gaining satisfaction from hearing a few shrieks from LaTasha, Joanie then pressed her up, and brought
her back down to earth, VERY HARD with a full nelson slam!

PARIS:  Ahhhhhhh!   I can’t watch!
NIKKI:  Joanie is getting in some big power moves. I don't know if LaTasha can survive much more of this.

Joanie walked up and pulled a groggy LaTasha to her feet. Joanie went for a punch, but LaTasha raked
her across the eyes, with her first offensive move of the night!

Joanie raised her hands up to try to protect her eyes, as LaTasha flipped her around completely, and
raked her nails across her back, with cruelty in mind.

Joanie screamed bloody murder, and shot upwards like a cat entering water, as LaTasha then dragged
her to the ring rope, and scraped her head across the top, all the way to the turnbuckle!!

Joanie screamed as she placed her hands on her temple where LaTasha burned her against the rope.

NIKKI:  Same old heel tactics!
PARIS:  Yea, yea.  It’s hot.
NIKKI:   Whatever.

LaTasha was still walking gingerly from being slammed and bashed around earlier. LaTasha climbed on
Joanie's back and applied a bow and arrow back breaker hold. Joanie screamed in pain as LaTasha
amped up the pressure.

LATASHA:  I hope you enjoyed your early domination, because your looking at one of the “true” 8
wonders of the world.

LaTasha then pulled back harder as Joanie screamed out in wild pain.

The ref kept asking for a submission, but Joanie would have none of it. She tried with all of her might to
buck and twist to the bottom rope. LaTasha had her pulled tight and she could not reach it.

LaTasha's arms were getting tired so she released the hold as Joanie cried out in relief.

PARIS:  I thought she would end it there!
NIKKI:  Not quite.

LaTasha posed for the fans and shook her breasts back and forth as the males approved

Joanie tried to return to her feet, but LaTasha jumped behind her, and locked her in a rear chin-lock
move. LaTasha pulled back with all of her might as Joanie tried to power out.

After about a minute of damaging punishment, Joanie started to power her way out by holding and
pushing off LaTasha's arms.

She then got under LaTasha and lifted her up on her shoulders and dumped her off with a side walk
slam, as the crowd fired up!


LaTasha smacked the canvas hard and favored her lower back that had smacked hard against the
canvas. Joanie dropped an elbow on LaTasha, and attempted a quick pin.

ONE .......

TWO .......

Big kick out by LaTasha at “TWO.”

PARIS:  Joanie is trying to end this now.   LaTasha is tougher than she imagined!
NIKKI:  For anyone, man or woman, to get up from “THE CHYNA BOMB”, that’s………..a tough, tough….

Joanie pulled her back up, and LaTasha swung out with a wild chop that caught Joanie on the side of the
neck!   Joanie fell sideways awkwardly and LaTasha tackled her hard to the canvas.

LaTasha beat on Joanie's head with left and right closed fists UFC style as Joanie covered her head up
in desperation to protect herself from the rapid fire, crushing blows!

PARIS:  This is where LaTasha excels!    Joanie doesn’t want to fight her on the ground!
NIKKI:  That ground and pound offense will take it out of anyone!

The referee finally pulled LaTasha off of her and LaTasha shoved him out of the way and kicked Joanie
in the head.   The referee gave LaTasha a stern warning, as she stared at him coldly in the eyes.
Instead of hitting the ref, and getting disqualified, LaTasha lifted Joanie up, and brought her crashing
back across the mat with a Rock bottom!

PARIS:   The tide is turning…..
NIKKI:     Get with it Joanie!

A smile formed across LaTasha's lips as she lifted Joanie up and put her in a full nelson move.   LaTasha
held her in place, as she taunted her.

LATASHA:    You better crank it up Joanie.   I’m sure you would hate to be beaten by a “SLUT”, in your
very first AFW match!   Hahahahahahahaha!

LaTasha brought Joanie straight back, and the back of Joanie’s skull collided against LaTasha’s dripping
hot right knee.    Joanie’s head bounced in a hard manner, and she fell to the side in complete pain and

LaTasha was wise for being young, and did not waste time as she stayed on the “attack”.  LaTasha
grabbed both of Joanie's legs and did a split legged leg drop that landed hard across both of Joanie's

NIKKI:  That will hurt tommorow.
PARIS:  That won’t be the only thing when LaTasha is through.

LaTasha flipped over backwards and grabbed her legs again and executed the move once more. The
usual calm and collected Joanie, was screaming in pain, as LaTasha was grinning from ear to ear.
LaTasha pulled her up by the hair, and began ripping Joanie’s white shirt off, as the fans cheered and
booed loudly!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaTasha finally tore the shirt off, and quickly locked Joanie into a full frontal bearhug, with LaTasha's
chest protruding into Joanie's smaller, but ample chest, that was covered with a sports bra.

PARIS:  I think LaTasha is setting her up for the "VENUS VICE."
NIKKI:  The rumor is that her and Bobbi Billiard used to practice the breast smother maneuvers on one
another, until they finally perfected them.
PARIS:  That story is true.     Those women have knocked each other out more times than they can
count during practice.

LaTasha looked Joanie dead in the eye as she smashed her superior breasts into Joanie’s.
LaTasha was trying to mentally intimidate Joanie and it seemed to be working successfully, as a hint of
fear could be sensed in Joanie’s breath.

PARIS:  We saw Bobbi Billiard use this tactic in the old FWF!
NIKKI:  They are obviously somewhat similar in style.

LaTasha was squeezing with all of her might, as the two women’s breasts were smashed together tightly.
Joanie looked incredibly uncomfortable, and was sweating something heavy.  To make matters worse,
she then began to lose her footing, as it appeared like LaTasha Marzolla was in complete control.

Satisfied with the mental and physical humiliation, LaTasha decided to kick it into it’s final gear, as she
pulled Joanie’s head forward, and mashed her big breasts into Joanie's face.

Joanie struggled with all of her might, as her head vanished, between LaTasha’s fleshy breasts!

PARIS:  Amazing how such a sexy move can be so powerful!
NIKKI:  Rebound Joanie, rebound!

LaTasha had a sly grin on her face as she looked at Joanie trying to struggle out, as she heard the voice
of her announcer friend, Nikki Cox.

Joanie started to fire up, and started rocking LaTasha with hard right hands to the stomach.   LaTasha
was not in the mood to tolerate this, as she ran forward and speared Joanie in the corner with major

LaTasha then started assailing the surprised woman, with big left and right hands!    A trickle of blood
dripped down Joanie’s eyelid, and LaTasha pulled her in tight again for the “
VENUS VICE” breast

PARIS:  Joanie Laurer.   Owned.   By LaTasha Marzolla!   Hahahaha!
NIKKI:  Come on Joanie!   Please!

Paris was correct this time around, as Joanie could struggle no more, and the ref started to go check on
her.  LaTasha quickly released the “VENUS VICE”, and lightly pushed a completed dazed Joanie
backwards two steps.

LaTasha backpedaled the other way, and then let out a TREMENDOUSLY loud yell, as she then ran
forward, and swept her foot violently through the air, as it connected solidly with Joanie’s cheek bone!
Joanie started to slump to the mat like a brick, but in an amazing burst of quickness, LaTasha blasted
Joanie across the side of the at the same time she was going down, on the other cheek, with a spinning
backfist!!!!!  Joanie slumped to the mat like she was hurt seriously, as the fans gasped.

NIKKI:  I have never seen a move so brutal in my life!
PARIS:  Bear witness to the “MARZOLLA MASSACRE”!!

The referee shook his head, and rang the bell, as LaTasha had scored a knockout over the former “8th
Wonder of the World”.

ANNOUNCER:  The Winner of this bout…………LaTasha Marzolla!!!!!

LaTasha released the hold and surprisingly left Joanie alone.

LaTasha shook her tits again for the crowd, and made her way to the back, as she smiled broadly, and
walked with grace back to the back.

PARIS: Like it or not this is a big win for LaTasha. She beat a very big name, clean, and this should help
set her up for some big things.
NIKKI:   She may run with some girls named “THE SLUTS”, but if we can expect this type of action,
people may form a whole new perception of that phrase.
PARIS:    I can’t wait to see more of this girl!   SHE’S HOT!