NIKKI:  Time for our last match of the first half of the show Paris.  It's going to be another title on the line
as Christine Mendoza defends against a former champion, Nikki Warner.
PARIS:  I'm glad there is someone else named Nikki on the roster that is not a complete loser like my
sidekick over here.
NIKKI:  This intermission is not coming fast enough.  Let's go backstage where the Duff sisters are with
the wrestlers.

HILARY:  Thanks Nikki.  I'm here with another Nikki...Nikki Warner.  Nikki, care to comment on your title
shot tonight?
NIKKI:  What do you want me to comment on? The fact that this title shot is long overdue or how i'm
going to destroy Christine Mendoza at her own game? Fact of the matter is by the end of this night, I will
be the new AFW lightweight champion and your beloved champion will be drowning in her own pool of
HILARY:  Christine is a two-time champion and I doubt she will lay down for you to do that.
NIKKI:  Listen artificial intelligence (a wisecrack about Hilary dying her hair black), Christine has never
been in the ring with someone who can play her game better than she can.  She wouldn't have to lie
down once I get done beating her senseless.  Just in case Christine wants to play rough, I'll have
something to take care of that.
HILARY:  Strong words from the challenger....sis, take it away.

HAYLIE:  I'm here with Christine Mendoza, the Lightweight Champion.  Christine, it seems Nikki is not
intimidated by you.
CHRISTINE:  She’s blonde…what do you expect.  If she had a brain in that empty head of hers, she’d
realize just how much trouble she’s in.
HAYLIE:  Well, Nikki is a former champion and she did take down your stablemate, Huong Vo during the
period right after the FWF went out of business.
CHRISTINE:  First, I am NOT in any stable.  I am a lone wolf.  I look out for nobody and nobody has to
look out for me.  Now, I’m sorry for what has happened to Sasha and T.N.T. earlier, but my problem is
that bubble-headed blonde who wants this title strapped around my waist.

Just then, a blonde stepped into the frame next to Hilary.  It was Amy Peters.
RING ANNOUNCER:  And her opponent, from Los Angeles, California (huge pop from the fans)
……standing five-feet four inches tall and weighing in at one hundred ten pounds, she is the A.F.W.
Lightweight Champion….here is the Queen Cobra, Christine Mendoza!

Christine came onto the stage to a mostly face reception.  Raising the title belt over her head, the Asian
beauty nodded to the cheering crowd as she posed for the fans.  Wearing a red triangle top with sequin
trim, a matching thong underneath a pair of red mesh swim shorts, matching wrestling boots and
kneepads, Christine trotted down to the ring and slid inside.  Slowly, the champion posed on all sides of
the ring before she mounted her corner and held the title high over her head.

As Christine posed for the crowd standing with one foot on the top turnbuckle and the other on the
second rope, Nikki rushed over from her corner, grabbed the champion around her legs and fell
backwards, nailing Christine with an impromptu electric chair suplex.  The championship belt went flying
out of the ring and Sasha called for the bell.
Wordlessly, she looked Christine up and down, focusing each time on the gold belt around the Asian
beauty’s waist.

CHRISTINE:  You got a problem with me?
AMY:  (pausing)……umm, no…….not yet.
CHRISTINE:  Then what the hell do you want?
AMY:  To wrap my hands around your pretty little neck to start with.
CHRISTINE:  Nothing standing between us but space and opportunity.
AMY:  Soon enough my pet.
CHRISTINE:  Pet?  That’s it….
AMY:  Whoa, whoa, whoa….calm down.  When the time is right, we’ll dance.  Until then, just keep MY belt
shined up…OK?

With that, Amy disappeared down the hallway, leaving behind an unbelieving Hilary and a fuming

HILARY:  Umm….I guess you have somebody else who wants a shot Christine.   Care to comment?
CHRISTINE:  No….this interview is over (shoving Hilary out of the way as she heads away).
HILARY:  Well, I guess that’s it…..back to you Nikki.

NIKKI:  I think Christine is really pissed now.  That’s bad news for Nikki Warner.
PARIS:  Nope…that means she’s ripe to make a mistake that Nikki will capitalize on and take the gold
NIKKI:  Either way, it’s time for our ring announcer to take it away.

RING ANNOUNCER:  Introducing first, the challenger, from Muncie, Indiana, she stands five-feet two
inches tall and weighs in at one hundred twelve pounds…here is the Heartland Harlot, Nikki Warner!

Nikki came onto the stage amidst a healthy chorus of boos.  The blonde wore a rainbow-colored teardrop
top, matching swim shorts with a wide waistband, matching kneepads and matching wrestling boots.  The
blonde slowly headed down the ramp, stopping every so often to trade insults with the fans.
When she finally reached the ring steps, she paused for a second to flex for the unappreciative Los
Angelenos and then entered the ring.  Referee Sasha Cohen checked the blonde for foreign objects and
then gave Nikki the instructions for the match.  

The champion writhed on the canvas as Nikki kipped up and then nailed the Asian beauty with a running
kneedrop to the forehead that Ric Flair would have envied.  Swiftly, the blonde covered her opponent,
making sure to grind an elbow into the cheek of the stunned champion.




At the last second, Christine shifted her shoulder off the canvas to prevent the pin.  Still, Nikki was not
satisfied and covered the champion again, grinding her elbow into Christine’s face even more.



Again Christine got a shoulder up and this time, shoved the challenger away while she crawled toward
the ropes.

NIKKI:  Wow, Nikki sneak-attacked Christine there and almost got the easy victory.
PARIS:  Mendoza was stupid for turning her back.  She should lose just for that.
NIKKI:  I’m sure Christine will appreciate your comments.

The challenger continued her attack as she blatantly began to choke the prone Christine in the middle of
the ring.  Sasha began her count and at four, Nikki relented momentarily only to re-administer the choke
a second later.  Christine’s boots beat a tattoo into the canvas as her oxygen supply was cut off and her
face began to turn red.  Finally, Sasha’s count reached four again and Nikki backed away and left a
gasping Christine on her back.

The blonde continued her despicable actions as she slid forward and draped a knee across Christine’s
throat, again interrupting her air supply.  With maniacal fervor, Nikki held the champion’s head in place
while she viciously ground her knee into the Asian’s soft flesh.  Again, Sasha’s count reached four and
when the challenger relented, Christine wisely rolled toward the ropes and clutched them like a drowning
man would a life preserver.

Still, Nikki continued her attack and draped Christine’s throat across the bottom strand.  Yet again, the
champion gasped for breath as a maniacal looking Nikki pressed all her weight down on her opponent.  
The cycle repeated itself as the rulebreaker relented at the referee’s count of four only to re-apply the
illegal move.  Finally, Sasha threatened the blonde with disqualification and the challenger backed away.

NIKKI:  Nikki is really pushing the envelope tonight.  Much more and I think Sasha Cohen will disqualify
PARIS:  Nikki is just trying to reclaim what that wannabe has stolen: the lightweight title.

When Nikki moved in for another attack, Christine suddenly snaked out with an eye rake, sending the
blonde stumbling away blindly.  With a look of wrath on her face, Christine got to her feet and followed
Nikki into the corner where she had stumbled.  Like an automaton, Christine began hitting Nikki with a
flurry of martial arts thrusts.  As Sasha counted, the champion pounded her opponent until she dropped
to the canvas in a heap.

As Sasha warned Christine, the champion backed away as Nikki struggled to her feet with the use of the
ropes.  The blonde staggered out of the corner toward the champion with dangerous intentions, but at
the last second, Christine dropped down and took the challenger to the mat with a perfect drop toe hold.  
Before Nikki could react, Christine locked on a hammerlock.

With the hammerlock cinched in, Christine then rose onto the toes of her boots and landed a kneedrop
onto the blonde’s already throbbing right arm.  A squeal came from Nikki’s lips just before Christine
repeated the maneuver a second time and another scream escaped the blonde’s mouth.  The champion,
fueled by her opponent’s cries, began rapidly landing kneedrops onto Nikki’s arm until the crowd’s count
reached seven.

NIKKI:  I think Christine has been awakened and Nikki is paying the price.
PARIS:  Just a temporary setback for Nikki….she’ll rebound.

Slowly but surely, Nikki edged her way toward the ropes and relief.  After nearly another minute of agony,
the blonde reached the ropes and Sasha called for the bell.  Instead of backing off, Christine yanked
Nikki to her feet and pulled her away from the ropes.  Suddenly, the champion took Nikki down with a
Dragon Arm Whip, nearly wrenching the blonde’s shoulder from its socket.

As Nikki writhed on the canvas holding her right arm, Christine disdainfully nudged the challenger with
her boot while trash-talking at the blonde.  The Asian bombshell yanked her opponent up off the canvas
and scooped the blonde onto her shoulder.  The champion took two quick steps forward and then
dropped Nikki onto her knee with a devastating shoulderbreaker.  A cracked scream came from the
blonde as she crumpled onto the mat holding her shoulder.  Christine quickly covered her foe as Sasha
jumped into position for the count.




Somehow, Nikki managed to roll her left shoulder off the mat and interrupt the pin attempt as Christine
seethed at not ending the match.

NIKKI:  I think Christine has been awakened and Nikki is paying the price.
PARIS:  Just a temporary setback for Nikki….she’ll rebound.

While Nikki struggled to get to her feet, Christine hovered behind the challenger, seemingly ready to lock
on her finisher,
THE MENDOZA FLATLINE [chicken wing/chinlock combo].  However, just as Nikki stands
and Christine goes to lock in the maneuver, the blonde counters the move with a vicious mule kick to the
champion’s crotch, sending Christine staggering away a few steps before she collapsed to the mat
holding her wounded privates.

Sasha immediately moved in and asked Nikki what she had done only for the blonde to respond with an
innocent, wide-eyed expression as she continued to try to shake off the previous punishment to her right
arm.  But once she saw Christine curled into a fetal ball on the canvas, the blonde went on the attack.

Nikki pulled the champion up to a standing position and then took the Asian beauty down with a perfect
snapmare that left the Queen Cobra seated on the canvas.  A soccer-styled kick to the small of the
champion’s back followed and then the blonde locked on a painful looking neck wrench that seemed to
be on the verge of snapping Christine’s neck.  Sasha moved in and asked the champion if she wanted to
submit but received a hissing negative.

PARIS:  See what I mean?  Nikki is really putting it to that tramp now.
NIKKI:  It’ll take more than this to make Christine give up.  

Not getting the submission she wanted, Nikki abruptly abandoned the neck wrench and backed up a
couple steps behind Christine before running forward, somersaulting over the champion and snapping
her neck forward in the process.  The move left Christine writhing in agony on the canvas as Nikki kipped
back up and was showered with a healthy chorus of boos.

Carefully, Nikki rolled Christine onto her stomach and then sat down on the small of the Asian’s back.  
The blonde pulled her opponent’s arms over her thighs and then hooked her fingers into the corners of
Christine’s mouth, then pulled back, locking in an illegal but painful fishhook camel clutch.  The Queen
Cobra’s feet beat a tattoo into the canvas as the blonde tried to permanently stretch Christine’s grin.  
Finally, Sasha’s count reached four and Nikki let her victim go, shaking her right arm as if to loosen it up.

PARIS:  That’s it Nikki….rearrange that hideous mug of hers.
NIKKI:  Christine needs to turn this around…..quick.  

Tauntingly, Nikki leaned over and slapped Christine in the back of her head as she struggled to rise.  
With a handful of hair, Nikki helped the champion up and then whipped her toward the ropes.  Just before
she reached them, Christine leapt into the air and used the top rope to springboard toward Nikki.  
However, Nikki showed why she was a former champion as she went to the air at the same time and hit
Christine with a dropkick to the chest; the impact taking all the air out of the champion.

As Christine writhed on the canvas holding her chest, Nikki slowly got to her feet and nodded toward the
jeering crowd that she was going to end the match.  The challenger grabbed Christine by the hair and
hauled the champion to her feet.  Quickly locking on a front facelock, Nikki grabbed a handful of Christine’
s shorts and hoisted the brunette into the air.  A second later, the blonde dropped straight down, driving
Christine’s skull into the mat with a sick-looking brainbuster suplex.  The champion spasmed for a few
seconds before she ceased to move while Nikki flexed her right arm; a tingling sensation returning to it
for a moment.  Indifferently, Nikki then covered her opponent and waited for Sasha to make the count.




Amazingly, Christine bridged out of the pin attempt and then rolled into a fetal ball while holding her head
as Nikki looked pleadingly at Sasha.  

PARIS:  A slow count saves Christine.  I cannot believe how lucky she has been so far.
NIKKI:  I’m just surprised she’s still conscious after being dropped on her head.  She is showing the true
grit of a champion.  

Nikki pressed her attack on the champion as she was still trying to shake off the effect of the
brainbuster.  The blonde scooped Christine into her arms and then slammed her down across her knee
with a wicked across-the-knee backbreaker.  The champion flailed against her attacker’s grip as Nikki
pressed down on the brunette’s throat and thigh, amping up the pressure to her spine.  But before
Sasha could ask the Asian grappler if she wanted to continue, Nikki shoved her victim down to the

Swiftly, Nikki exited the ring and then climbed to the top turnbuckle farthest away from where Christine
lay.  With a sinister smile on her face, Nikki took to the air and slammed into Christine’s chest with her
THE HAMMER DROP [flying elbow drop from top rope].  But on impact, Christine uttered a pitiful
wail and Nikki stifled a cry as she clutched at her arm; the limb still feeling some lingering effect from the
champion’s earlier punishment.  Finally, Nikki rolled on top of Christine and weakly hooked the leg.




At the very last second, Christine kicked out of the pin and rolled onto her side while she clutched at her
chest and Nikki tore at her hair in disbelief.

PARIS:  I think Sasha should be fired.  That should’ve definitely been a three count.
NIKKI:  Christine will just not be defeated tonight.  Nikki will have to lay the champion out if she wants that
PARIS:  Nikki, drop her on her head one more time.  

As if she had heard the heiress, Nikki stood up and yanked the champion off the canvas and into a front
facelock.  With a handful of Christine’s shorts, Nikki again ignored the pain in her arm lifted her opponent
into the air for what might have been another brainbuster suplex.  Instead, Christine floated over and
landed on her feet behind the challenger and with lightning reflexes, locked on her finisher,
[chicken wing/chinlock combo].  Immediately, agony shot through the blonde’s
right shoulder as she was forced to stand on her toes by Christine.

Screams of pain escaped Nikki’s lips as she struggled against the champion’s iron-clad grip.  The
punishment on her arm and shoulder previously was now tenfold and tears welled up in the corners of
the blonde’s eyes as she futilely tried to force her way toward the ropes.  After nearly a minute of trying
to escape, the pain was too much for Nikki and she screamed out her submission.


 Your winner by submission…and still A.F.W. Lightweight Champion, Christine Mendoza!

Amidst the deafening cheering from the crowd, a figure sped from the back, down the ramp and slid into
the ring with a steel chair in hand.  It was Amy Peters again.
Wordlessly, the seething blonde slid behind the unaware champion and raised her weapon high
overhead.  Still, Christine seemed oblivious to the warnings the crowd was shouting towards her.  Finally,
the Asian beauty spun around and looked up in shock before her instincts kicked in and she
backpedaled into the near corner and out of range.

Slowly, Amy’s expression changed and a smirk came over her face as she lowered the weapon she
wielded and slid out of the ring.  The blonde nodded at the puzzled champion in the ring while backing up
the ramp.  When Amy reached the stage, she asked for a mic and after a healthy round of boos died
down, she spoke.

AMY:  I want you to remember this moment…..and how much, much worse it could have gone…..anytime
I wanted it to.  Just remember….keep my property shined up and I’ll see you soon.

An irate Christine was left in the ring, holding the lightweight title over her head and wondering how she
was going to deal with Amy.

NIKKI:  I think Christine may have won this battle but I suspect she is about to go to war with Amy Peters.
PARIS:  Nikki came within a hair of disposing of that Oriental hooker.  Now, Amy will do the AFW a service
and put Christine out of our misery.
NIKKI:  We’ll see.  It’s time for our intermission folks.  When we return, we will have the United States
champion, Dina Al-Sabah defending her title.  Please stay with us.